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The Aussie bloke's guide to planning a boys night out

The Aussie bloke's guide to planning a boys night out

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Friendships are part of what makes life enjoyable. Having a group of friends and regularly staying in touch is essential to living a happy life. Often the friends we make in childhood will remain close throughout our lives, and it's essential to nurture and cherish those relationships.

And having a laugh and connecting with your mates is part and parcel of being an Aussie bloke. There's nothing quite like cracking open a cold one with the boys, having a yarn and bonding together. After all, a mate is often a mate for life, and having a night out with your mates is incredible fun.

But what if you're a bit stumped about what to do and where to go during a night out with the lads? Well, fear not because, in this handy article, we'll share the Aussie bloke's guide to planning a boys' night out.

First thing's first - a feed

The first thing you'll want to do is to arrange a decent feed. Whether that's the best burgers Sydney or some pizza, hot wings or a pub counter meal - you need to fill your stomach. Part of the reason why is if you'll sink a few beers during the night, it is good to have a full stomach to absorb the alcohol and keep you level. Another reason is that who doesn't enjoy a great meal shared with their friends?

Connecting with the boys over a meal is the perfect way to begin your night out. You can even arrange for everyone to meet at the burger joint or pizza place and venture out from there.

Sort your transport

You'll want to ensure you have a mode of transportation for the night, especially if you're sinking a few frothies. You should never get behind the wheel if you think you're near the legal limit.

There are a couple of options here. The first is that you appoint a designated driver. You can do this using an app such as Chwazi or by drawing matches. Make sure that the designated driver for this night can have a drink the next time you go out.

Or, you can pool your funds and catch some rideshare rides for the night. There are few different options on the market these days, so if Uber looks too expensive, you can choose another app. This will cost a bit, but at least all the boys can have a drink without worrying in this case.

Next - a fun activity

The next step on your night out should be a fun activity you can enjoy together. Plenty of licensed venues have activities such as mini-golf, laser tag, pool, escape rooms, bowling and more.

Have a drink or two at this activity, but don't go overboard because you might miss out on some of the fun. A round of mini-golf with the boys with a couple of beers can be enjoyable, and you can tease each other about your terrible form and horrible shots.

Hit the pub

The next step is to hit the pub. This is where the drinking can begin in earnest, and the fun can truly begin. Your local is always a good idea, where you might run into some other mates who can join you for the night's adventure.

If anyone wants, they can hit the pokes for a little while or have a flutter if there's a TAB in the pub.

A good idea for this stage of the night is to get a bowl of hot chips or wedges to share, which can work to soak up some of the alcohol.

Up in the club

Once you hit midnight or so, it's time to get up in the club. By now, you're probably all ready for a dance.

Picking a club might be tricky, as your group of mates may have different tastes in music and atmosphere. For instance, one mate may prefer techno or trance while another loves RNB and hip hop. If you have difficulty choosing, again, you can use an app to decide or flip a coin.

Still want to party? Kick ons

If the club closes and the boys are still up for some partying, you may want to head somewhere for kick-ons. Some cities have after-hours bars and clubs where you can get an early morning drink and have a dance. If there's no suitable venue in town, you can head back to someone's house. This is where your single mates come in handy - their house will likely be empty and perfect for kick-ons.


Use this guide to plan your next boys' night out. Some crucial takeaways include having your transport sorted, getting a big meal in before hitting the beers and planning a fun activity you can all enjoy together. Follow this guide, and your next night out with the lads will surely be one for the history books.