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3 Benefits of regular mould inspections

3 Benefits of regular mould inspections

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Moulds are a common issue in homes and buildings. They're microscopic organisms that usually grow in places with a lot of moisture present, such as your roofs, ceilings, walls, or floors.

This type of fungus can be a significant nuisance and may cause concern for homeowners. Not only does it look unsightly, but it can be harmful to your health as well. (1)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), moulds may cause sore throat, stuffy nose, burning eyes, wheezing or coughing, and skin irritation. Moreover, people with lung conditions, asthma, and allergies could be more susceptible to this fungal spore. That's why regular mould inspection from professionals is an excellent way to prevent these health issues. (2) (3)

Any reputable mould removal company will offer a free mould inspection to assess your needs. A mould inspection can help detect moisture problems early on, thus averting potential damage.

Some of the benefits you can get from mould assessments include:

1. Prevent the spread of moulds

Moulds tend to grow rapidly near sources of moisture. They get attached to porous items like wooden beams, drywall, joints, insulation materials, and other areas in your home where organic material is abundant. That means moulds quickly multiply and spread on these surfaces, which may cause structural damage. (4)

Preventive mould inspections are the best solution to check your home for any moisture problems. That's when you can benefit from the specialists who know how to deal with this type of fungus. These mould professionals will assess the entire area thoroughly using cutting-edge equipment, such as a moisture meter, infrared camera, humidity gauge, and more.

During the assessments, mould experts will check for any visible signs of moulds infestation like discolouration, musty odours, pipe leakages, condensation issues, or poor ventilation conditions. They'll also scrutinise cracks in your walls, windows, and floors that may allow for moisture to accumulate and cause moulds to form.

Having a course of action in advance is crucial in preventing the further spread of fungi. Nevertheless, if mould inspectors detect any harmful fungal growth early on, you can avoid the need to do major repairs and costly renovations in the future.

2. Improve indoor air quality

Homes with high humidity levels are ideal breeding grounds for moulds. And if not treated early, these fungi can escalate swiftly and compromise your home's air quality. (5)

As mentioned, moulds release microscopic spores into the air that you can easily inhale. This approach may lead to even more severe problems such as respiratory illnesses and allergies.

That's why you need to have a mould inspection for a safe environment around your home. The inspectors will perform a quick test and determine if your home's air quality is compromised. (5)

3 Benefits of regular mould inspections

When the air quality is jeopardised, mould specialists will recommend specific air purifiers or dehumidifiers to remove spores in the air. These devices effectively remove moisture and lower the chances of moulds growth.

That way, you can enjoy a safe and conducive living area with clean air to breathe, keeping your home atmosphere healthy all year round.

3. Retain property resale value

As you want to sell your property, a regular home inspection from a mould professional is highly recommended. According to realty experts, homes with moulds infestation could lose up to 53 per cent of their property value. Thus, affecting your home insurance costs as well. (6)

Moulds are destructive fungi that can destroy your home's foundation. That means it'll also affect your house's construction materials, flooring, electrical wiring, and paint job. When that happens, your option is to renovate the entire building, which can be time-consuming and expensive in the long run.

Scheduling a mould assessment beforehand is a great choice instead of dealing with severe damage. You can have a face-to-face discussion with the mould experts about preventive measures to avert the damage. They'll be able to explain possible solutions and develop an effective action plan.

With this type of inspection, you can be confident that your home is in top shape for a clean sale under the real estate market. There are no obstructed views or unsightly moulds that can detract potential buyers. As a result, you can sell your home in no time with the best offers, which will give you maximum returns on your property investment.


Regular mould inspections are a cost-effective way to ensure that your home is free from fungal growth. It'll get you an accurate report for an insightful assessment.

Keep your home healthy and safe from moulds that can compromise both your indoor air quality and structural integrity, as well as costly repairs. Stay ahead of the game by scheduling a mould inspection today.