Embracing new ways of saying goodbye

Embracing new ways of saying goodbye

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Change is one of the few certainties in life, but our need to say goodbye to loved ones in meaningful ways remains. The Australian funeral industry has adapted to change, innovating over the past few years to enable it to continue to serve families at their most vulnerable time.

While many of the changes wrought by the pandemic to the funeral industry have resulted in human ingenuity that has created new ways to honour and celebrate lives.

Embracing the possibilities and innovation available for the modern service, Ann Wilson Funerals, a leading provider of funeral services in the region, has introduced technology and creative protocols to help families farewell loved ones in their own personal way.

Offering live streaming and audio-visual recording at their funeral home, Ann Wilson have shown their commitment to helping families say goodbye to family and friends, including all who want to attend no matter where they are.

For Ann Wilson spokesperson Lynne Gallucci, Ann Wilson's response to the circumstances of recent years has highlighted the resilience and dedication of their people, a diligence fuelled by keeping families at the heart of all they do.

"The work we do is so important - we care for grieving families at one of the most difficult times. Despite the added pressures of the pandemic, our teams are continuing to show up and arrange funeral services that allow families to say goodbye in meaningful ways," Ms Gallucci said.

Demonstrating today's funeral services can be tailored to make them as unique as the individual, Ann Wilson can help Australians organise the following styles of services, powered by a combination of creativity and tech.

Hold a live streamed funeral service for mourners who live near and far

Between travel restrictions and venue capacity limitations, many mourners may be unable to attend a funeral in person.

When you opt for a live streamed service, video cameras are mounted at strategic and respectful positions within the venue. The service is then live streamed across the internet so that those who cannot be in physical attendance can still participate in the ritual.

Arrange separate, smaller memorials after the funeral service

To navigate physical distancing restrictions, mourners may choose to host one, or several, smaller memorials after the funeral service has taken place.

This allows those who knew the deceased to pay their respects in the company of loved ones on either the day of, or in the months after, the traditional service.

Record the funeral service for mourners to watch in their own time

Ann Wilson can record the funeral service for you. This allows families to share footage of the service with those who may be unable to attend in person on the day of the funeral.

"If there has been one key standout from the pandemic, it has been our front-line teams' commitment to providing the best quality service for every family that comes into our care," Ms Gallucci said.

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