Watch damaging hailstorms across Australia as 2021 storm season begins

The beginning of the traditional storm season across the east coast of Australia has brought with it plenty of damage in just a few short weeks.

Already over the past month, there have been numerous tornado warnings and large, even giant, hailstorms. The most notable being Tuesday when 16cm hail blanketted parts of North Queensland.

It shattered the previous Australian record for hail size, which was set by the same state a year ago.

Bureau of Metereology representative Hugh McDowell explained the storm cells have been brought by the movement of a low pressure system along the northern coastline.

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Around the Coffs Harbour region, the convening troughs caused a supercell storm which brought with it enormous downpours that even brought down the roof of a Toormina shopping centre.

"It does look like this is going to ease by Sunday," Mr McDowell said.

"These severe thunderstorms do form very quickly [...] as soon as we see them forming, we send a warning out."

Agata Imielska, the BoM's Hazard Preparedness and Response Manager for NSW/ACT, told Australian Community Media that this storm season will likely be very severe.

"We have been pretty concerned heading into this storm season with the storm risk and also the flood risk," Ms Imielska said.

So now would be a good time to start working out a storm season action plan to keep yourself and your property - particularly your vehicle - safe from damage.

If your car cannot be brought undercover in time, the State Emergency Services (SES) recommends parking away from trees or powerlines which might fall.

Also ensure no proximity to objects that could become airborne during high winds.

If you can, invest in a padded car cover. This will soften the damage of small to medium hail, but you may still experience some problems when large or giant hail falls.

In a pinch, securing thick blankets to your car may also work to minimise the damage.

But, of course, the best way to keep your car safe is to move it out of the path of the oncoming storm.

Keep up-to-date with the BoM's warnings to ensure you have plenty of time to make arrangements to stay safe.

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