Local dogs - Rio, Sunny, Chief, Buddy and Albert - are up for adoption

Meet Rio, a shy, cuddle-loving Kelpie X puppy


AGE: 8 months SEX: Male

BREED: Kelpie X

SUITS: Part-time worker. Needs home with garden. Child-friendly.

Rio is an active friendly Kelpie X. He can be a little shy at first but relaxes and loves cuddles. He has a curious disposition. He suits a family with kids aged over five-years-old.

He walks well on loose lead and ignores cars and other dogs. Walkers say: "Rio is a lovely friendly dog to walk. Seemed mostly relaxed, occasionally a bit scared/jumpy/nervous. He was very energetic"

He has a scruffy coat and weighs 21 kilograms. He comes desexed, C5 vaccinated, heartworm free and microchipped. His adoption cost is $400.

Meet Sunny the Cattle X Staffy

NAME: Sunny

AGE: 18 months

SEX: Male

BREED: Cattle X Staffy

SIZE: Medium

SUITS: Part-time worker, needs a home with garden

Sunny is a bright and happy dog. He walks well on loose lead and likes to run and jog. He will sit on command. He can bite the lead when over-excited but stops when asked. He ignores cars and other dogs.

Walkers report: "so playful and affectionate, loves to sit and hug on people."

He has a short coat and weighs 24 kilograms.

Meet Chief the Great Dane X

NAME: Chief

AGE: 6 years

SEX: Male

BREED: Great Dane X Pointer

SIZE: Large

SUITS: Needs home with garden. Kid friendly and OK with full-time worker

Chief is a very gentle and affectionate six-year-old Great Dane X. He is playful and confident with children, suiting those aged over five-years-old. He is calm and easy to handle and walks on loose lead. He has a smooth coat and weighs 49 kilograms.

He came from the pound with an injured tail from wagging it too much and hitting the kennel wall. His tail is very long but is slowly healing.

Chief is not suitable around cats or pocket pets.

Meet Buddy the Ridgeback X

NAME: Buddy

AGE: 7 years

SEX: Male

BREED: Ridgeback X

SIZE: Large

SUITS: Needs home with garden. OK with full-time worker

Buddy is a gentle Ridgeback X boy who was found guarding his deceased owner. He is very confused about all the changes in his life but is very accommodating. DoggieRescue is giving him as much TLC as they can. Buddy is strong on lead and pulls but listens well to commands. He has a gentle calm nature.

A few lumps and bumps on him have been removed. He has a smooth coat and weighs 40.1kg.

Meet Albert the Sharpei-X

NAME: Albert

AGE: 9 years SEX: Male

BREED: Sharpei X SIZE: Medium

SUIT: Home-based worker or someone needing doggy pal

ALBERT is a very friendly nine-year-old Sharpei X who is social with other dogs and was saved from a council pound. He is super affectionate with people and loves attention. He is surprisingly active for his age and also apartment-friendly. He loves walking, his dinner and chewing on a bone.

He was very neglected and thin when he came from the pound. DoggieRescue removed a few skin lumps and have him on two meals per day. He has a short coat and weighed 17.5kg when he came in. He would best suit a family where someone is around as he is very people-focused.

Meet Bandit the Border Collie X

NAME: Bandit

AGE: 12 months SEX: Male

BREED: Cattle X Border Collie

SIZE: Medium

SUIT: Suit Part-Time Worker. Needs home with garden. Kid-friendly.

Bandit is a very active dog who loves kids, best for five year-old-plus ages. He is completely relaxed and happy in their company. Bandit pulls on the lead but ignores other dogs and cars. He loves to run and jump up and lick your face. He sits on command. Walkers say "beautiful dog, very well behaved, endless energy but happy to sit and relax."

He has a short coat and weighs 19.2 kilograms.


Meet Mack the American Staffy X

NAME: Mack

AGE: 9 years SEX: Male

BREED: American Staffy X SIZE: Medium

SUIT: Full-time worker. Needs home with garden. Kid friendly.

Mack is a mature but active, sweet boy. He walks on a loose lead ignoring cars and dogs. He also likes to jog and loves his cuddles and belly rubs. He sits on command and the DoggieRescue trainer says "he is a relaxed and friendly dog who enjoys the company of adults and children. He will jump up on kids when excited so suits ages 12-plus.

He came from the pound with chronic ear infections and hair and skin issues that are all under treatment. He has a smooth coat, weighs 36 kilograms.



Dogs comes desexed, C5 vaccinated, heartworm free and microchipped. Also included for the love and health of the dogs is a free health and wellness voucher with the DoggieRescue vet. Adoption cost is $400. For further details, phone DoggieRescue on 9486 3133 or email Monika at monika@doggierescue.com.

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