Letters to the editor: Covid rules, inspiring Paralympians and the kindness of strangers

RULES: Seats taped off at Queenscliff. Picture: Geoff Jones
RULES: Seats taped off at Queenscliff. Picture: Geoff Jones


I am not surprised that people are flouting the Covid rules. I walk my dog near Queenscliff/North Steyne beaches every day and hardly a day goes by that I don't see at least one dog off-lead along the beachfront and in the surrounding streets. These people seem to think they are above the law. 'Oh what's the fuss about - my dog is friendly/a pussycat!' they say. That may be so but some people - such as my wife - are genuinely frightened when 'pussycats' charge over the road towards our dog. If everyone walked their dogs off-lead there would be chaos. Despite my repeated letters to the Northern Beaches Council, all I get in response is that they don't have enough rangers to police the law. They suggest I ring the council and even if the council is open, by the time one of the rangers eventually arrives, the offending dog is long gone. I tried to get them to put up signs indicating the penalty but to no avail.

Kevan Heathcote , Manly


Today, we stopped the car to check a text message that was sent alerting us to a Covid alert from the local supermarket, and we looked up to see a dear little girl of about seven, smiling and waving. We didn't know her and she came to the window with a beautiful little bunch of flowers saying "I would really like to give you these flowers". We were so moved and heartwarmed by this beautiful gesture - so unexpected - and when things around us are so stressed and bad news surrounds us, it shows there is hope out there. Through this lovely act, many have been encouraged and felt joy - us, our family and friends. Her mother stood afar, smiling with pride at her beautiful little girl presenting us with the lovely flowers. Well done mum, an example of a great parent amid the gloom of a pandemic.

Marilyn Love, Mona Vale

WINNERS: Paralympians Spencer Cotie (Boccia) and Peter Marchant (Archery) are doing us proud.

WINNERS: Paralympians Spencer Cotie (Boccia) and Peter Marchant (Archery) are doing us proud.


Thank you and congratulations on the fantastic article ('On target for Tokyo', August 23). What an inspiration is Spencer Cotie, his family must be so proud of him and all his achievements. As we lived in Elanora for 32 years, and knew the area well, I thoroughly enjoy reading through the whole paper online. The article has travelled over to the UK and many relatives and friends have contacted me on reading it. Thank you once again for your excellent work, it has brought much joy to many.

Anne Marchant (Peter's mum!), Toukley


I'm an avid reader of your great magazine but the 7th commandment is Thou Shalt not Steal. The 6th commandment is Thou Shalt not Commit Adultery.

Emmanuel Zarb, Collaroy


The dictionary definition of a peninsula is "a piece of land almost surrounded by water". What part of that definition do our planners and politicians not understand? Our geography does not allow us to continually accept state government directions to increase our population on the northern beaches. Pittwater Road is one of the most congested roads in the state and there is no satisfactory solution. Covid restrictions have lightened the traffic and changed our future, with more people working from home. The focus has shifted to a need for a pleasant home base with nearby recreational areas. Cramming people into multi-storey apartments on our few major roads is no longer a desirable or required option.

Elizabeth Barraclough, Terrey Hills

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