The best boredom busters in the Beaches ... from our readers

GARDENING: Natasha Assaf is finding solace, prayer and meditaion in the garden she created.

GARDENING: Natasha Assaf is finding solace, prayer and meditaion in the garden she created.

Our readers are a resilient lot. We asked for boredom-busting suggestions and received so many great responses.

I started my Garden Street project in my front garden during the first lockdown and it's been my place of solace and peace since. I had no prior experience in gardening, and had never even owned a pot plant! I am a busy mum of four kids and Covid was difficult for us all. However, gardening has helped me through these uncertain times and given me hope and something to look forward to. I send this to you in the hopes other people can find their slice of paradise at home. Life has changed for us all, but we can still find ways to create joy with our families. Many people walk past my house and stop and admire my garden, taking photos and complimenting Jonah the boat! There is so much to learn from plants; they are beautiful, unique resilient, strong and no matter how much you uproot them and cut them down, they repair and regrow. It's been an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience watching my garden flourish.

Natasha Assaf, North Narrabeen

Thursday morning, 7am, sitting in bed with a cuppa with the sun streaming in! Another beautiful day! I work for local GPs and after the last few days in the clinic I'm pleased to have a day off! It's absolutely mental. So today I look forward to home and walking my dog who is still happy to come out with us twice each day! Some of my family are truly challenged, with a daughter with cystic fibrosis, who has over many years had to keep themselves busy with her own kind of lockdown. Here's an idea they shared. Each day, each member of the family writes an activity on paper and puts it in a bowl. During the day, they draw them out. It helps keep everyone thinking and it can be as simple as making cookies, spending a break on a jigsaw, a plank challenge, watching a favourite childhood movie together. Hope this helps your household! We are so blessed and fortunate to live on the northern beaches.

Julie Brassil, Balgowlah Heights


Here's what keeps my spirits up: Good quality Swiss chocolate daily. Quick chats and a laugh with my barista and other workers in supermarkets etc. Lose myself in novels, magazines, newspapers. Then post them to my sister to enjoy! Connect with nature daily - the ocean and beach feeds my soul. Watch foreign shows - listen to the language and dream of visiting the locations. Connect daily on Whatsapp with my family around the world and my sister in Avalon. Surround myself with music. Sing The Teddy Bear's Picnic as Stephen King taught me in his latest masterpiece! Best wishes to all.

Rhoda Silber, Manly

Northern Beaches Secret Rocks on Facebook at #NBSR now has more than 3500 members and has taken off in a big way. Kids are wanting to actively go out and walk the neighbourhood to find hidden rocks - especially if there is news of a "rock drop" in the area. Then they are creating their own rocks and walking the neighbourhood yet again to hide them. It's a modern day version of hide-and-seek that breaks the daily lockdown monotony and gets the kids exercising out in the fresh air - win win! Adults participate as well with some extremely serious artworks being created! Look out for secret hidden rocks when you're out walking your dog - but be warned, it becomes addictive!

Leanne Heffernan, Narrabeen

I have just purchased myself and my daughter, who is coming home from London and needs something to do in quarantine, a home pottery kit. There is this lovely studio in Narrabeen called Throw; owner Tim sells home kits including clay, tools, a shape for a mug and a rolling pin with a mat to work on for $69. You Tube gives you lots of instructions and it is loads of fun. I have already made two things and look forward to creating more. You will have a lasting memory for lockdown in 2021 - not that we need it! Hope you get on to it, it is also great fun for the kids.

Barbara Simon, Newport

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