Good outcome for all their ultimate goals when it comes to property management experts

KEYS TO SUCCESS: A property manager has to take all sides of the story into consideration. Picture: Shutterstock

KEYS TO SUCCESS: A property manager has to take all sides of the story into consideration. Picture: Shutterstock

We spoke to three local experts about what makes a good property manager.

Whitehouse Real Estate's Kate Eastwood said many people believe that property managers simply sign a lease with a tenant and collect the rent, but the reality "is vastly different".

She said property managers wear many hats and many things are expected, including being detectives, counsellors, cleaners, renovators, negotiators, pacifiers and life organisers - on top of plumbers, sparkies and more.

"Essentially our role is to act on behalf of the landlord, maximising rental return, providing sound and knowledgeable advice within the boundaries of the Residential Tenancies Act while minimising risk and exposure," Ms Eastwood said.

"There are three key factors for success when managing property: a good property; a great landlord and a good tenant, and that third one will happen if the first two are in place."

Senior Asset Manager of Cunninghams Real Estate, Trent Docherty says property managers need to have a strong commitment to servicing their clients and achieving the best outcome for everyone.

"We are focused on finding the best possible tenant and achieving the best possible rental return for each of our properties," he said.

"We also focus heavily on managing each of the properties to ensure they are achieving the best possible rental returns through suggesting upgrades to the properties when needed and reviewing the rental returns regularly to ensure they are still relevant for current market conditions."

Head of property management at Rowe Partners Real Estate, Mitchell Wilson believes that the role requires a unique skill set and a high level of care.

"A property manager looks after an owner's largest asset - outside their family home - and their obligation is to ensure you maintain their investment to the highest standard and ensure you are selecting the right tenants. These days all tenants have an expectation and you need to ensure that you manage that in line with the landlord's instructions.

"Great landlords, in turn, have great tenants and if there is a problem they are quick to have it resolved with the property manager."