Letters to the editor: dogs, development and why taking a walk is good for the soul

VIBE: Owner of Freshwater House, Mae Case is concerned with the pending outcome of a development application before council relating to the site that includes her business. Picture: Geoff Jones
VIBE: Owner of Freshwater House, Mae Case is concerned with the pending outcome of a development application before council relating to the site that includes her business. Picture: Geoff Jones

Village vibe needed

Your article regarding the proposed redevelopment of the building which includes Freshwater House ('Plans back before council to demolish iconic site', July 7-13), quotes concerns about trucks and dust. The construction of Freshwater House, as it now is, would have caused similar issues for its neighbours when it was built - but shop owner Mae Casey, as she says, has enjoyed thriving there. The disturbance will be as temporary as that caused by the other new construction over the past few years. The pity is that 11 years ago NIMBY so-called Friends of Freshwater managed to kill off the Woolworths development which would have encouraged locals to shop locally and would have generated business for the local specialty shops. Their purported aim was the preservation of the "village atmosphere". The result was a wasteland of empty shops. and the retail dollars going to the Mall or Stockland. By all means, advocate for good quality development but remember that without development there would be no village to enjoy.

Peter Wood, Freshwater

Silver lining

The chagrin of lockdown has intensified my joy of just taking a walk. Each morning I set off on my familiar strut along the waterfront pathway to Church Point and return. I see many regulars and it's become a friendly pastime to say hi to people as we pass. And hats off to whomever has created the artistic marine figures strategically placed amongst the mangroves and rocks. The nesting seabird, octopus, whale and dolphin all play a simple part in my enjoyment of this special part of Sydney during tough times.

Noel Pettersen, Bayview

'CHEEKY SMILE': Golf whizz Jack Castle.

'CHEEKY SMILE': Golf whizz Jack Castle.

Proud pedigree

With the Olympics officially starting, I thought it appropriate to send you more information about Jack ('Is Jack Castle the next Tiger Woods? His golf coach thinks so', July 14-20). Jack's grandfather Mick Withers of Manly represented Australia in water polo in three Olympic Games, has been inducted into the Australian Water Polo Hall Of Fame, and won gold, silver and bronze medals for swimming at the World Masters Games. When Mick asked Jack where he got his amazing sporting ability from, Jack replied with that cheeky smile of his: "Dave Saunders." Dave is Jack's golf coach and good friend, with his golf school located at the golf driving range at Warriewood. You can't win them all! With COVID-19 restricting golf at Manly Golf Club, and with my single-figure golf somewhere in the long distant past, my main concern is that, with Jack's meteoric rise in his golfing ability, by the time we get to play each other the difference could be 10 shots. If Jack wasn't my grandson, having an eight-year-old golfer giving me 10 shots is just not on. But Jack's success brings a lot of joy to old Poppy.

Mick Withers, Manly

Brain food

Thank you so much for the Northern Beaches Review. I look forward to the giant crossword and the smaller one; so good to do in lockdown and any other time. Very much appreciated, enjoyable and good for my brain. And you don't have to wait until next week for the answers.

Elizabeth Hunt, Collaroy

Peaceful collection

A big thank you to the 'garbologists' who took the opportunity while roads were quiet - no mums, dads, grandparents taking kids to school with some continuing to their workplace - driving their trucks silently along narrow minor roads, giving us all a much needed sleep-in!

Marianne van de Voorde, Nth Narrabeen

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