Letters to the editor seek end to stay-at-home orders

Review readers urge end to lockdown for Beaches


The letter you printed by James Griffin ('MP begs Premier: stop Manly lockdown', July 7-13) was excellent! Northern Beaches LGA should be exempted from stay-at-home orders. At Christmas 2020, we were locked down and isolated because of cases of COVID reported in our LGA, and yet the rest of Sydney was not subjected to the same strict lockdown. This is grossly unfair. I wonder if the Premier realises the damage this lockdown is doing to businesses and the mental state of people in our area. The small businesses that have had to close their doors will never recover or reopen. The financial impact and emotional/social repercussions of this lockdown on families will last for far longer than this current COVID scare. Our Premier and politicians will still have a salary and a job while many families will be reduced to financial hardship.

Libby Carter, Frenchs Forest

The northern beaches have done their time. We were respectful and obedient. More than I can say of other LGAs at present. They were not closed with us and there is no reason for us to be in lockdown now. We can stop ferries from the city areas; make random checks of cars coming across the Spit Bridge, Wakehurst Parkway and Mona Vale Road. Businesses here are finding it crippling. There will be a great many with mental health issues.

Wendy Collins, Narrabeen

I have already written to Rob Stokes asking for an explanation for the current lockdown. They were quick to lock us down over Christmas but rope us in with everyone else now. Needless to say I have not received a reply. It's insane and we've had enough.

Alan Davies, Newport

The northern beaches should be treated differently to the rest of Sydney. It was easy for the state government to lock down the northern beaches at Christmas time, so why isn't it possible to close our local borders, preventing people from Red Zones entering during this critical time? This would allow relative freedom to those on the northern beaches and assist local businesses. It seems unfathomable that the Government has been so slow to respond to this outbreak, unwilling to adopt a nuanced approach to lockdowns and reluctant to help businesses financially. We have no strong leadership at either state or federal level.

Jan Waddington, Mona Vale

I don't think we should be exempt from the lockdown as it does not take much for COVID to spread and we should all work together. Generally, the Premier has done a good job up to now. However, this last lockdown took too long to start and this I believe was also exacerbated by criticising other states for locking down quickly, which was a mistake to say as it has been now proved to be a correct strategy. But hindsight is easy afterwards. My main concern is the lack of federal leadership in this regard. If we all knew the rules instead of differing from state to state it would assist businesses and us all. However, we would not be in this position if the vaccines were available much earlier.

Nick Wood, Manly


Have you noticed the pathetic red and white tape the council have tied to all the outdoor chairs and tables around the beaches? This plastic tape has been on a week and already it is coming off, waving in the wind and heading up in our waterways. Disgusting and terribly sad.

Melissa (surname withheld), Narrabeen

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