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The Wakehurst Parkway closed due to flooding in March this year. Picture: Geoff Jones
The Wakehurst Parkway closed due to flooding in March this year. Picture: Geoff Jones

Flood-proof the Parkway

As a Mona Vale resident whose husband has just been discharged from Northern Beaches Hospital for the third time in the past six months, I think that's it's imperative that the Parkway be "flood proofed" to allow access to NBH by the most direct route.

I realise this might effect the local flora and fauna bit I think human life takes precedence.

Marilyn and Jim Molloy, Mona Vale

Housing plan disbelief

On Wednesday June 23, traffic was brought to a halt on Mona Vale Road. The stoppage hindered egress from Terrey Hills, Powderworks Road and Lane Cove Road. This is not an uncommon event. Another hot spot is the Powderworks Road, Garden Street, Pittwater Road exit. When Wakehurst Parkway closes, all these problems are magnified. The geography of this area is unsuitable for the scope of development proposed in the Local Housing Strategy. New residents will need private transport and the area is already struggling. It is unbelievable that a qualified town planner would even suggest medium density housing. I trust planners have visited the area and not relied on google maps.

Elizabeth Barraclough, Terrey Hills

Boats and penguin beaches

Ms Battaglia (Letters, June 23-29) says the beaches at Spring Cove are closed at sunset during the penguin breeding season (July 1 to Feb 28), however the rules make explicit provision for non-motorised tenders continuing to land on these beaches after sunset. The sunset limitation during breeding season applies only to motorised craft, as a means to afford penguins extra protection whilst maintaining public access to this prized recreational space during the busiest months.

Chis de Jong, President, Boat Owners Association of NSW

Odes to Australia

The annual Australia My Country Competition (poetry, composition and art) conducted by Forestville RSL sub-branch for primary school students in the Forest area has now been conducted with the presentations of prizes and certificates to the winners from Kambora, Forestville, Killarney Heights, Beacon Hill and Castle Cove Public Schools plus Covenant Christian School. Northern Beaches Mayor Michael Regan, who presented the awards, is pictured here the successful pupils as well as sub-branch president Bob Lunnon, John Balfour OAM, Sandy Howard and John Scifleet.

John Balfour OAM, sub-branch committe member

Plastics peril

Around Manly CBD are numerous 10 x 8 metre coloured thermoplastic designs burned onto the road. Neither pretty nor educational they will in time wear and add micro plastics directly onto our beaches and ocean. Why are we spending rates on creating pollution? Please explain Mayor.

Brett Curtis, Queenscliff

Doggone enough

There will always be people who do the wrong thing (Letters, June 23-29), but that's not a good enough reason to penalise thousands of people. Some people admit to speeding - are we banning cars? No! This war on dogs is getting really boring.

Niki Was-Fitz, via Facebook

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