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Opinion: Beaches tunnel feedback needs more time


The Beaches Link Tunnel will ensure traffic chaos on the northern beaches is a regular feature of holidays and summer weekends. The tunnel will make it easier for the residents of western Sydney to drive to Manly, Freshwater, Curl Curl, Dee Why, Mona Vale and Newport than to drive to Bondi, Coogee or Cronulla. As many as 40,000 additional cars will drive into a peninsula with finite capacity for private vehicles. This concern is just the tip of the iceberg. Northern beaches communities are facing irrecoverable changes to their way of life, including health impacts, increased housing development and the loss of much loved native bush and wildlife - as well as five to six years of intense disruption and pollution during construction for the tunnel, directly affecting many residents and local schools. The EIS for the Beaches Link Tunnel was released for public review on 10 December, in the lead up to Christmas and school holidays after a particularly stressful year. Under any circumstances, this would be an exceptionally inconvenient and challenging time for residents, community groups and School P&C Committees to review a complex, voluminous document of over 12,000 pages and, in hard copy, weighing 22 kgs. Due to the holiday season, the submissions period was extended beyond the statutory 28 days to the end of February. As we assist our residents to negotiate their way through the documents and answer their questions, we are seeking an extension of the submission period to April 30. We believe this will better allow for proper community consultation and well considered submissions during what is a difficult and challenging time for everyone.

Terry le Roux and Nerissa Levy - on behalf of North Harbour Community Group, Balgowlah Residents Group, Baringa Bush Residents' Group (Seaforth), Clontarf Community Forums


Wanted to share the love on the northern beaches. For the past five years, our Save the Children op shop in Dee Why has helped many women and children. All our volunteers wanted to thank the locals for their ongoing donations. It really has made a difference.

Joni Bondanza, Dee Why



A fantastic magazine and a good read every week. However the article about the young man and his COVID-19 experience (The Day I Caught COVID-19), although representative of the recent cases, was irresponsible in that it did not warn about the possible serious consequences of contracting the virus. It could cause residents to not take a test, and be less vigilant in wearing masks and washing hands.

Beth Robertson, Davidson


Re your article Help on Offer regarding State Government business support, the amount on offer is not substantial but appreciated by many of us. I do hope you will follow up what grant Federal MP Zali Steggall has been able to get for our businesses? According to her website, she wrote to the Federal Treasurer on the 21st of January seeking funding. Whatever happened to that? If she didn't secure funding or support for northern beaches businesses, why not? Does writing one letter constitute being a good representative? We voted for change. This wasn't what we had in mind.

Stuart Anderson, Curl Curl


I co-founded a website called The Finer Things in Travel with my beautiful friend Sue Wallace. We have many decades of experience as travel writers, so have been lucky to have experienced many wonderful things on this planet. The website is teeny. but we have been putting up some great stories that we mostly share on Facebook and link back to our website. Facebook decided that we should be banned, along with many other travel sites and even ski resorts. So rather than see our hard work go to waste, can you please go to our website, bookmark the page, and follow us on Twitter and Insta? We love our little site. And we hope you do, too.

Helen Hayes, Clontarf

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