What's with the Facebook stoush?

LOADS of friends have been asking me what the big hoo-ha with Facebook and the media/government is all about. Briefly, here's what I think:

1. Facebook generates considerable ad revenue and data collection opportunities from the posting of media stories but doesn't spend any money on that journalism. It's fair they pay a little bit of those profits for it.

2. In terms of market share, Facebook is a huge gateway to the internet, so journalists have no choice but to distribute their storytelling via it. Yes, that benefits publishers when Facebook sends readers back to news websites or blogs. But it also indicates a huge concentration of power, as they've just proven with their big dummy spit. This power needs to be monitored so that fake news doesn't rule the day and the country.

Good, fact-checked, ethical journalism may not have the best business model these days and it costs a bit to produce, but I reckon it adds massively to the moral fabric and wellbeing of a society and is well worth keeping around.

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