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Sign up to receive our weekly climate email Green Shoots

It has been a summer many of us will never forget. Drought, fires, flood and hail. A stark reminder that the environment around us has the capacity to render incapable normal life as we know it.

Here at ACM, our newsrooms have been covering the impact these environmental emergencies have had on our communities.

It's clear to us that our readers want to read more about climate change and how it is affecting our environment and what can be done to help.

In response this Sunday we are launching an ACM-wide newsletter called Green Shoots. The weekly newsletter aims to highlight to readers the amazing work that is happening around real Australia to address climate change and its impact.

We'll bring you stories like the recycled water project which could drought proof the hunter region, the solution which could help save Australia's bees, and the doctor who is using satellite imagery to map fire spread predictions.

We'll also bring you the stories that show the impact the climate is having on our environment, written by journalists who are on the front line across every state and territory in Australia.

For example this story from Wimmera about the migration of animals into urban areas, and the town in South Coast NSW which faced bushfires one week and floods the next.

Sign up to Green Shoots here or in the form below. We look forward to you joining us on a journey to understanding more about the impact climate change is having on our environment and the work that many are doing to make a positive change.

Gayle Tomlinson

Head of Audience, ACM

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